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Advanced Thinking Matters Facilitator Training

August 7 & 8, 2024        9:00 Am-4:30 Pm


Homewood Suites

8060 Challis Rd, Brighton, MI 48116

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Cost: $300.00 per person

This workshop is designed primarily for trained facilitators of Thinking Matters. It can accommodate a small number of attendees who possess experience in similar models. Participants will practice group management and effective communication using Motivational Engagement and Thinking Matters worksheets.

Core concepts include:

  • · Cognitive behavioral principles
  • · Anti-social logic · Group management
  • · Effective communication
  • · Recognizing thinking errors
  • · Diminishing obstruction tactics
  • · Advanced group management

Duration: 13 hours over 2 consecutive days




Foundations  Upcoming September 2024

Thinking Matters Facilitator Training

Workshop Summary: This cognitive behavioral workshop focuses on teaching participants practical strategies for identifying and challenging negative thought patterns and behaviors. Participants learn about our 5 step model, how thoughts influence emotions and beliefs. Learn how to reframe negative thoughts and problem-solving strategies. The workshop provided a hands-on approach to learning through interactive exercises, group discussions, and role-playing scenarios. Overall, participants gain valuable tools for helping improve their clients mental health and well-being through practical application of cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Duration: 2 day/13 hour workshop

Cost: $300 per person

Workshop Includes:

  • Overview of
    • Cognitive Behavioral Approach
    • Antisocial Logic
    • Thinking Errors
    • Obstruction Tactics
  • Group Management
  • Mock Sessions
  • 5-Step Program Application.

Who is this workshop for:

  • Human Services
  • Pastoral Staff
  • Counselors
  • Corrections
  • Case Managers


Additional Training Options 

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