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What is going on in there that causes people to make these choices?

Text Box: Here’s a little background on us.

Thinking Matters, LLC was created by Abe French to provide high quality programs, training and consulting services for correctional program development.  The Thinking Matters approach to cognitive restructuring for is used with many various groups of people including anti-social/criminally involved people.  This approach is used in jails, prisons, community residential centers, community groups and with juveniles.

Thinking Matters was created to provide a structured, low cost, flexible and basic approach to cognitive skill acquisition.  Many cognitive restructuring programs are designed for closed enrollment and are very expensive.  Some lack a comprehensive training method.  Thinking Matters is a work sheet based model that can be used in a wide variety of situations in an open or closed enrollment format. It can be used as a primer for low risk/needs clients or expanded into an intensive approach for higher risk/needs clients.  The generic language and inclusive graphics make Thinking Matters ideal for use with men, women and juvenile clients. 

The work sheets are adaptable for a wide range of behaviors.  Subject matter can be self directed by clients, predetermined by program staffs or a combination of both.  The work sheets are currently used for substance abusing clients, domestic violence clients and mental health problems.

Thinking Matters Facilitator training is a two day (15 hours) interactive training.  The participants engage in an interactive approach that mirrors program delivery.  All participants complete the work sheets just as they would teach them to clients.  Our training incorporates adult learning, social learning and cognitive restructuring.  This approach offers participants an opportunity to optimize their individual learning opportunities.  They complete the training having experienced the program similar to what a client would experience.

Change is inevitable.


Manage the changes in your life before the changes manage you.